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Consignment for selling is our system

Our System

Consignment sales process in JEX is as follows.

Visit Us Bring your jewelry that you’d like to sell, or send it to us.
If you would like to know the detail, please read “Consigning your jewelry to us." Line Arrow Estimates and AppraisalsWe valuate your jewelry, and consult the selling price with you.
Our selling price is like a dealer's price as a guide. It will be 1/3~ 1/2 of market price.Line Arrow Consign Your JewerlyAfter determining the selling price, we officially keep your jewelry. We clean, finish, make your jewelry look new, then it will be ready for sale.
The fee for the finishing to look like new, resetting stones, reidentification, and reappraisal is charged to you. Line Arrow Display After the finishing, we register and display your item in our salerooms, in the monthly JEX news and on our online shop. Line Arrow Selling Our staff who are specialized in gems and jewelry coordination will be selling on behalf of the exhibitor at each store. Line Arrow Payment Once a purchase has been made, as a principle we will make a payment to your account within the 3 settling periods in the month. We can also pay you in person. Line
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