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Privacy Policy

Our policy
JEX Gem Gallery, N.D.C. Co., Ltd., keeps customer personal information for provision of various services. We take all measures to protect customer personal information and to provide more reliability and higher trust. We continue to abide by consumer privacy laws and regulations to properly handle personal information.
Acquisition of personal information
We acquire personal information in a legal manner, not by falsity or other unfair means.
Usege of personal information
JEX uses personal information only for the purposes specified below. When we use personal information for purposes other than the specified, we will obtain prior consent from the individual beforehand.

・Provision of our business information
・When we contact you for the purpose above.
Security of Personal Information
JEX takes necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the acquired personal information from leakage, loss or damage, as well as to conduct a secure management of personal information.
Entrusting of Personal Information
When we entrust all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, we screen the third party under a strict criteria to ensure that it will safely manage the personal information entrusted.
Provisions of Personal Information to a Third Party
JEX will never provide personal information to a third party without your prior consent except in cases specified in the personal information protection law.
Correction of Personal Information
Upon your request, JEX would promptly disclose your personal information. However, JEX would not be able to disclose it unless your ID can be confirmed.

When your personal information is incorrect and you request for correction, addition, or deletion, JEX will, upon investigation, immediately meet the request. However, JEX will not be able to meet the request unless your ID can be confirmed.

If you have any request or inquiry about our handling of personal information above, please feel free to contact us at the following.

JEX Osaka Saleroom: +81-6-6342-0001

JEX Tokyo Saleroom: +81-3-5537-5557
Organization and Structure
JEX appoints Ms. Nobuko Fujimoto as the Customer Information Manager, who is in charge of the appropriate management as well as the improvement of handling of personal information.
Primary Policy Change
The content of this policy may be changed. The new policy shall be effective from the time when it is publicized on this website, except for cases otherwise specified.

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