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Engagement Ring; it has a special meaning of everlasting love and marriage commitment.
A big gem, high-quality, etc…you want, we can provide them and can design diamonds or colored gem that may fulfill your wishes. JEX is one of the good unknown spot for.

Bridal1.jpgJEX handles jewelry not only from personal shoppers (second-hand market) but also from new diamond and gem dealers. We have been managing a specialized jewelry school "JOWA Jewelry Business School" since 1968, we are also deeply connected with various domestic and foreign suppliers who handle new articles. That's why JEX can be the free agent of the jewel industry serving a vast variety of customer needs.

Also we can outsource designing jewelry through various jewelry processors or designers matching your budget which will be near to the prime cost as with loose which is reasonable price as with loose.

Our well-experienced staff would sincerely make a suggestion for you about not only solitaire diamond ring for engagement ring but also eternity ring or birthstone ring etc. Of course, we are making various suggestions about wedding ring as well as the things with metal only or with diamonds.

We can process Pt900 ring from 50,000 yen. Please contact us for details.
0.518ct (E-VS1-3EX-H/C)
Product Code : 036553 Japanese only
Price (tax included): 220,000 yen[Click Here]
0.520ct (F-VVS1-3EX-H/C)
Product Code : 037495 Japanese only
Price(tax included): 250,000 yen[Click Here]
0.262ct (VLPurplish Pink-SI2)
Product Code : 002794 Japanese only
Price(tax included): 75,000 yen[Click Here]
0.428ct (Light Pink-VS1)
Product Code : 108807 Japanese only
Price(tax included): 250,000 yen[Click Here]
0.169ct (Fancy Intense Purplish-VS1)
Product Code : 005054 Japanese only
Price(tax included): 550,000 yen[Click Here]
0.209ct (Fancy Intense Pink-VVS2)
Product Code : 003153 Japanese only
Price(tax included): 750,000 yen[Click Here]

Voices from Customers

Customer A
My friend told me about JEX last year. I found a ring that I really liked in a district in Tokyo where people say diamonds are inexpensive. The ring I really liked was over my budget and I was about to give up. But I decided to give JEX a try. I bought a 0.55ct D-VS1 triple excellent heart and cupid loose for 285,000 yen including tax, ordered a Pt900 frame that I saw in a catalog, and JEX finished my ring with a design I liked. Ring frame and processing was 60,000 yen, so the total cost was 345,500 yen! The ring was 100,000 yen cheaper than other discount jewelry stores. The sales person told me that the diamonds came from Belgium. Since the ring was adjusted to my size I felt like it was made just for me. I got a great ring as well as a memorable experience with JEX because they were very kind.

Customer B
I found JEX on the internet, and bought rings a few times from them when I got bonuses because I love jewelry. After I got engaged I started searching for my engagement ring, but all the other sites did was explain diamond rankings… I finally decided to ask JEX to make my ring, because I thought every diamond gem had a different beauty, and JEX understands that. They ordered several loose gems within my budget, and I found a gem that was not only beautiful, but that also felt like it was for me. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I feel like I have found a lifelong partner at the same time as I found a husband.

Customer C
Bridal3.jpg Even though newspapers were reporting that the price of metals had been skyrocketing, I was still surprised to see how expensive platinum engagement rings were at retail stores. I was having a hard time finding a ring that suits me. I don't like the feeling of a skinny ring sinking into my finger because I'm large, and my fiancee tells me I look better in wider engagement rings. That's when I heard about JEX from one of my acquaintances. I was able to buy my ring about 30% cheaper than the stores specializing in engagement rings. Because JEX doesn't specialize in engagement rings, the atmosphere at the store was not overbearing. I'm glad that experts gave a great deal of thought to the ring and me.

Customer D
I wanted my wedding ring to have aquamarine which is my birthstone, but I couldn’t find a store that would set it for me. When I consulted with JEX, they said "Let's do it!” They made a ring that includes aquamarine and ruby, which is my husband's birthstone. In a sense, this ring is one-of-a-kind and I like showing it off to my friends.